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Contributors, English Edition

EB5 Investors Magazine features articles on the EB-5 industry authored by a variety of preeminent authorities in the field. Carefully selected by the magazine’s editorial board, these contributing writers each have experience in key matters related to the EB-5 program, such as investment advisement, employment-based immigration law, corporate and business transactional law, regional center creation, and federal litigation. Keeping in line with EB5 Investor Magazine’s underlying goal of increasing program visibility, best practices in the industry, and overall understanding of the Immigrant Investor Program’s many complexities, the articles written by contributing authors shed light on grey areas of EB-5 application requirements, analyze USCIS interpretations, suggest professional standards for practitioners, and examine the future of EB-5. The collective work of each issue’s team of contributing writers allows EB5 Investors Magazine to continually offer objective EB-5 information to a diverse audience of industry stakeholders.

Contributors, Chinese Edition

With China as a critical source of EB-5 applicants, EB5 Investors Magazine is committed to presenting information about the Immigrant Investor Program as accessible, understandable, and relevant to EB-5 stakeholders in mainland China and elsewhere. As such, the Chinese Edition of EB5 Investors Magazine is geared towards a specific China-based readership of potential investors, local emigration agencies, and exit/entry associations. Each issue features contributing authors who possess professional knowledge of the Chinese EB-5 market, with many fluent in both Mandarin and English, and many having traveled and spoken extensively throughout the region. Utilizing their international expertise, these writers provide targeted insight into USCIS adjudication trends, navigation of securities laws, the implications of legislative updates, due diligence strategies, pre-immigration planning, and more, as these issues directly relate to Chinese EB-5 participants.

EB5 Investors Magazine Article Submission Policy

EB5 Investors Magazine accepts submissions on an open basis. We look for and publish articles that offer specific insight to the EB-5 program and compelling conversations for our readers. All topics and articles are reviewed by our editors and must pass additional review by the EB5 Investors Magazine Editorial Board. All submissions are subject to editing for grammar, style, and accuracy.

If an article topic is selected to be written, and is subsequently submitted, this does not guarantee that the article itself will be published in EB5 Investors Magazine. Written articles are selected for publication--in print, online, or otherwise--based on their respective issue’s editorial focus and the quality of the article. EB5 Investors Magazine does not make any guarantees that articles written for and submitted to the magazine will be published.

A writer’s previous publication in, or association with, EB5 Investors Magazine or EB5Investors.com does not guarantee, or disqualify them from, any future publication. The EB5 Investors Magazine Editorial Board receives and reviews articles with authors’ names removed to ensure fair and unbiased editing.

EB5 Investors Magazine retains first-use copyrights to all published content. Contact Mary Trease at [email protected] for further information. Thank you for your submission!