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The EB-5 Handbook: A Guide for Investors and Developers

Published by EB5Investors.com and EB5 Investors Magazine

The first book to provide clear and complete guidance on the EB-5 program, The EB-5 Handbook breaks down the EB-5 program into its simple basics— investment, economic growth, and green cards. In The EB-5 Handbook, investors and developers alike will learn the essentials of the program, the benefits it can offer, and how to get started on their EB-5 journey with sections uniquely tailored to each party: Part I is for the EB-5 investor and Part II is for the developer.

Ali Jahangiri of EB5 Investors Magazine has brought together an all-star team of experts from nearly every segment of the industry. The authors – Jeff Campion, Linda He, David Hirson, Linda Lau, Dawn Lurie, Joseph McCarthy, Al Rattan, Reid Thomas, John Tishler, Kyle Walker, and Kevin Wright – and the editors – Elizabeth Peng and Cletus Weber – all have an established history of success working with EB-5 investors and developers. There’s no other book like this available.

What’s inside The EB-5 Handbook: A Guide for Investors and Developers? Start your EB-5 journey by viewing the Table of Contents and an excerpt from the Preface here.


Provides considerable insight into the EB-5 program.

Congressman Darrell Issa
R-CA 49th District

Combines the experience of the authors to give a unique perspective on the important EB-5 program which drives capital formation and jobs across our country

Congressman Jared Polis
D-CO 2nd District

Publisher, Authors and Editors