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2016 English V4 I2


  • What is the Real Cost of EB-5 Capital?

    For many who are new to EB-5, gaining a firm understanding of the projected cost of capital is often one of the biggest hurdles in deciding whether or not to pursue EB-5 financing. While there are a large number of EB-5 conferences, this particular topic is rarely discussed holistically by the EB-5 experts and educators.

    Philip Cohen
  • Publisher’s Note

    Ali Jahangiri, Publisher and CEO of EB5 Investors Magazine, opens EB5 Investors Magazine, English Edition, Volume 4, Issue 2.

    Ali Jahangiri
  • The Dangers of Dual Representation

    Immigration attorneys who engage in dual representation in the EB-5 context may expose themselves to serious risks and potential sanctions by the SEC and their state bar. This opinion piece argues for regional centers and individual investors to obtain separate immigration counsel to navigate complicated EB-5 regulatory and immigration terrain when at all possible.

    Austin Fragomen
  • RFE and NOID Trends in the EB-5 World

    What goes into the filing process and and the evaluation of projects? Because USCIS does not provide a specific playbook with the latest updates, or any other way to obtain insight into its adjudications mindset, it’s important to be knowledgeable of historical as well as the most current trends as it relates to understanding RFEs and NOIDs.

    Ellen Choe
  • Visa Backlog in EB-5 Program Results in Immigration Risks

    Amid a visa backlog lasting up to six years or more and uncertainty regarding USCIS policy, EB-5 investors face the risk that after relocating to the United States they could face the loss of their green cards and even potential deportation as a result of changing business fortunes.

    Daniel B Lundy
  • New Trends in Affordable Housing

    While battles are brewing in Congress over the future parameters of the EB-5 program, developers in dense urban areas, from New York to Los Angeles, are innovating in new ways to create affordable housing while providing profits to their investors.

    Abteen Vaziri
  • American Entrepreneurs

    Immigrants have played a key role in starting some of America’s most iconic brands such as Google, eBay, Intel, and Procter & Gamble. Perhaps this is because there is something inherently entrepreneurial about leaving your home and starting a new life in a different country.

    Mickayla Zinsli
  • Opinion: Is China’s EB-5 Market Slowing Down?

    Nearly every regional center official I meet asks, “Is the Chinese EB-5 market slowing down? Does the visa backlog issue make potential Chinese investors hesitate to go with EB-5?” These are difficult questions to answer, since it is difficult to determine how significant the visa backlog issue will be in the long-run. But the Chinese EB-5 market is not slowing down; in my opinion, it’s merely resting.

    Connor Chen
  • Can a Minor Child File an EB-5 Petition?

    The backlog in EB-5 visa availability has created multiple issues for Chinese investors and their families. One of these issues involves the very real risk that minor children within a few years of the age of 21 whose parents file I-526 petitions may “age out” while waiting for visas to become available and therefore be unable to immigrate with their parents.

    Robert P Gaffney