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2017 Chinese V4 I1


  • Cover Story: Journeys of Triumphs and Tribulations of EB-5 Investors

    Chinese nationals make up over 80 percent of the EB-5 investor visa applicants. They move across the ocean for a myriad of reasons but the biggest draws might be to live the American dream and enjoy high-quality education and career opportunities. The following four investors are among the about 10,000 people who annually earn their green card through applying through the EB-5 program. 

    EB5Investors.com Staff
  • EB-5 Community Bank Re-Capitalization Initiative

    The thought behind the suggested EB-5 community bank re-capitalization initiative is to help banks increase their capital to be able to add to their asset base and boost lending capacity for projects in their communities. The goal is to recapitalize 3,000 banks by 2024 out of the about 5,170 banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 

    Ernie Garfield
  • How to Successfully Plan and Fulfill the EB-5 Job Creation Requirements

    Job creation is a key element to successfully removing conditions on an EB-5 investor’s Conditional Permanent Resident status. It is important to understand how job creation was presented when the I-526 application was approved and also to evaluate how these changes may impact I-829 petitions given United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ current job creation policy.

    Darren Silver
  • Rethinking Urban vs. Rural Investments

    The perceived conflict between urban and rural interests is an area of hot debate and material consequence for the future of EB-5 investments. However, the urban vs. rural shorthand by industry stakeholders and policymakers is simply unhelpful, for three reasons…

    Dan Healy
  • Protecting Repayment of the EB-5 Investment: How to Navigate the Jungle of Intercreditor Loan Agreements

    EB-5 loans are often undertaken as subordinate loans. When in a subordinate position, an EB-5 lender should always consider whether it would be beneficial to request an intercreditor agreement from the senior lender in the transaction. If a lender’s and borrower’s negotiating power permits it, an intercreditor agreement could be a critical component in protecting the lender’s ability to repay EB-5 investors in a distressed project situation.

    Michael C Gibson
  • Blog: U.S. Economic Forecast 2017

    Under Trump’s leadership, interest rates will likely stay down, the Dodd-Frank will be modified and lenders will be encouraged to support homebuilder activities and, therefore, what is good for the nation is good for real estate, or vice versa.

    Alan Nevin
  • Migration Agent Charles Qi, An Investment Immigration Visionary

    Charles Qi is the president of the Beijing Entry and Exit Service Association and co-founder of Beijing East J & P Star Consulting. He has helped people with investment immigration around the globe, performed business studies and done investment consulting since 1996. 

    EB5Investors.com Staff