Publishers Note | EB5 Investors Magazine | Winter 2014

I am honored to welcome you to the Winter 2014 issue of EB5 Investors Magazine. It would not have been possible without our editorial board and the in-house team, who are dedicated to providing accurate, valuable, and up-to-date information on the EB-5 program.

This issue delves into one of the most important components of the EB-5 program—regional centers. A well-running EB-5 Regional Center helps talented foreign investors contribute to the U.S. economy and immigrate to the United States, thereby increasing our nation’s financial and human capital.

I am proud to present a directory of every active EB-5 Regional Center in the United States, with verified contact information, so that any interested party may directly get in touch with any regional center. No other resource like this currently exists. This issue also features a retrospective article detailing the history of EB-5 Regional Centers, as well as a heat map to show where EB-5 is most active.

We have exclusive interviews with Tom Rosenfeld and Elliot Winer, who both offer valuable insights on EB-5 project conception and development. Also useful to regional center developers is an article on George Ekins and Joseph McCarthy, the young principals of the successful American Dream Fund and its series of regional centers.

Our talented contributing authors have also written content on current EB-5 news, such as commentary on Senator Grassley’s protests against Alejandro Mayorkas’s appointment to the Department of Homeland Security, and a run-down of the Office of the Inspector General’s Report on recommendations for USCIS in the realm of EB-5.

I am also pleased to announce new ways to connect our readership with our network of EB-5 professionals. We are excited to host our upcoming Las Vegas EB-5 Conference at the Encore at Wynn Resort, with keynote speaker Congressman Jared Polis and co-hosts David Hirson, Joseph McCarthy, and Dawn Lurie. There will be several other EB-5 professionals speaking on a wide variety of pertinent topics.

We are also, for the first time, including QR codes to help our readers connect with our contributing authors and to our own network of sites.

Thank you to everyone whose knowledge and hard work have brought this issue together. The EB-5 program is one that can only be strengthened by collaboration and the belief that anything can be accomplished and improved with enough time and dedication.

Best regards,

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri is the president of EB5Investors.com and the publisher of EB5 Investors Magazine.