Publisher's Note

Publisher’s Note

This issue arrives at a time when the EB-5 industry’s focus is squarely on Washington. The EB-5 Regional Center Program faces a September 30th sunset date once again. EB-5 stakeholders are looking to Congress to enhance our job-generating, pro-American immigration program. 

I want to encourage the EB-5 community to unite and help push a unified message. In this issue we gather the opinions of industry leaders to emphasize the importance of raising the EB-5 visa allotment. I invite all EB-5 industry stakeholders to read this article and understand that, without more visas, U.S. jobs will suffer and projects will not get funded.  

If the visa cap is raised, we all win. The American people gain jobs and billions of dollars in economic stimulus. And investors, what do they gain? An American education for their children. Financial security outside of an unstable economy. Both their investment immigration goals and their investment dollars go toward building a successful future for all of us.

More than once, I’ve used this space to emphasize the American jobs, economic stimulus, and the many benefits that the EB-5 program brings to the American people. Mickayla Zinsli’s article inside highlights the positive impact EB-5 has on American entrepreneurs. The extensive positive impact of the EB-5 program remains critically important to voice.

We also asked economist Dr. Arthur B. Laffer and U.S. Rep. Will Hurd to join us for a Q&A on EB-5 and to share their views on the future of the EB-5 program. I am pleased to share their exclusive interviews as well as migration agency CEOs Liu Yu and Rachel Zou, who give great insight into their respective businesses. This issue also offers the perfect opportunity to share an article from Austin Fragomen and Chad Ellsworth on the dangers of dual representation. Transparency at all levels will continue to make our industry stronger, and these experienced EB-5 partners share their perspectives on how best to pursue this goal as immigration attorneys in the EB-5 space.

Look forward to tracking developments leading up to and following September 30. See you in January for the fourth annual Las Vegas EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention!



Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri is the president of EB5Investors.com and the publisher of EB5 Investors Magazine.