"We are very happy because our dream has come true"

By EB5 Investors Magazine Staff 

What was your life like in Vietnam: what did you work with and did you apply with your family or on your own? 

worked in the education industry for 2 years, then I went to Australia to pursue a Master in Education. Then, I returned to Vietnam and got married. Because both my husband and I were used to a life in a foreign country our families supported us to apply for the immigration visa through the EB-5 program to the United States.  My husband went to high school and continued his studies in the United States and he also has a Master’s degree. 

Why did you want to immigrate to the United States?  

Because both my husband and I had a chance to live and study in a foreign country before, and we felt we had adapted very well with this life style. After my husband got his Master’s degree in the United States, he came back to Vietnam to work for 4 years; however, he did not find a suitable job or a suitable environment and he wanted to come back to the United States to stay. 

We came to the United States in the middle of 2012 on student visas. At that time, we had just started the application for the EB-5 program and we had not received the green cards yet. 

Where are you now in the EB-5 process? When did you apply and how long did the process take? 

Currently, we are waiting for the 10-year green cards. We applied for these in April, 2018. We had 2-year green cards in April, 2016. The waiting time was more than 2 years. 

What did you choose to invest in and how much was your investment? 

We invested in the Marriott Hotel Project in Mississippi because of the potential of the project. In Vietnam, we know and very much like the reputation of the Marriott Hotel chain. When we invested in the project, it was also in very good operation status since was in the final phases. The total investment amount was $500,000. 

How did you feel when you found out that your EB-5 application was approved? 

We are very happy because our dream has come true. Because our waiting time was not too long, we were very excited, and expected this change. Although we were in the United State at that time,  the change from student visas to green card helped us to be more confident in settling down and to have stable life for us and for our kids. 

What was your biggest challenge during the EB-5 process? 

It was the waiting time to get approval for green cards. However, our waiting time was not that long, and we believed in our choice of projects and with the consulting from Immica so we were always confident during the waiting time until we got approved. 

What does EB-5 mean to you and your family? How has it changed your life? 

The EB-5 Program is wide open for investors like us to make the American Dream come true. We are able to live in a safe, equal and the most developed country in the world.  

Thanks to this program, our family can lead a safe, happy life and can enjoy the leading services because the United States has always been way ahead in the world. Every day, we drive to work using modern roads and infrastructure,  technology applications, IT and the most advanced telecommunication in the world. We are thankful and feel very  lucky to live here. 

Having green cards also helped us to have more chances to work and continue to invest in the United States with many favorable tax policies.

How is your life now once you moved to the United States?  Was it easy to adjust from life in Vietnam to life in America? 

There are new things we are adapting to every day in America and we are learning every day. However, we are welcoming the changes and are learning with an open-mind, excitement and are happy with this new life. 

What advice do you have for other Vietnamese investors who wants to use this program? 

Always believe in your own choice. Be confident while waiting for your application to be approved and be open-minded to welcome your new life in the United States. The United States always opens its door for people. 

EB5Investors.com Staff

EB5Investors.com Staff