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EB5 Investors Magazine is the industry’s leading resource for peer-reviewed EB-5 articles and news. Each issue features objective analysis of EB-5 developments, legislation and trends. Sign-up to receive this complimentary publication and join a diverse readership of EB-5 professionals, developers, and investors.

EB-5 Conferences

EB5Investors.com annually hosts EB-5 conferences around the world. These conferences are essential forums for all levels of EB-5 stakeholders interested in the present and future success of EB-5. Become an attendee or sponsor and discover why EB5Investors.com conferences are considered must-attend networking and informational events.

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All immigration attorneys listed on EB5Investors.com are eligible to wear the EB5 verified badge. However, not all attorneys are qualified to join our network: we screen each applicant to ensure they meet certain professional standards. Get verified and advertise your practice’s quality with this industry-acknowledged emblem.

The EB-5 Handbook

Written by a team of EB-5 professionals with insider insight into the industry, The EB-5 Handbook is a unique guide for investors and developers. It breaks the EB-5 program down into the simple basics – investment, economic growth, and green cards. Available now, this book is a perfect start to the EB-5 green card journey.

EB5Investors.com Features Profiles for the Following Professionals

Immigration Attorneys

EB5Investors.com acts as a focal point for a thriving cross-section of immigration attorneys. Our members are showcased to an international community seeking direct EB-5 visa expertise. If you have I-526 or I-924 experience, take advantage of this outreach opportunity and join the web’s most-visited EB-5 portal.

Securities Attorneys

Visitors to our EB-5 professional portal frequently seek the highly-specific, technical knowledge only securities attorneys can provide. If your breadth of experience includes EB-5 securities issues, such as ensuring that EB-5 investments and business projects are appropriately structured, join our selective listing of corporate attorneys.

RC Creators

Are you an EB-5 professional who has assisted in the creation of at least one regional center? Numerous visitors to EB5Investors.com are interested in learning more about the regional center creation process, and could use your valuable know-how in achieving regional center designation. Sign-up to begin receiving inquiries!

Regional Centers

The regional center directory is one of our most-utilized resources. Both investors and developers alike access these listings in search of the perfect home for their EB-5 investment or project. If you have received I-924 approval, joining our network allows potential clients to learn more about your regional center’s principals, industry designations, and geographic scope.

Business Plan Writers

A successful EB-5 project depends largely upon the quality of the underlying business plan. Are you an individual or company that has written at least one Matter-of-Ho-compliant EB-5 business plan? Then join our listings! Investors and project owners want access to your services in drafting business plans for their I-526 and I-924 applications.

EB-5 Accountants

Our international community often submits inquiries regarding lawful source of funds and EB-5 visa application tax requirements. EB5Investors.com is looking for accountants who have prepared financial documents for at least one I-526 or I-924 application. Site visitors are ready to find out more about how you can guide the fiscal aspects of their EB-5 journey.


Immigrant investors and regional center applicants read our economists’ profiles to learn more about their successes in preparing economic assessments for I-924, I-526, and I-829 petitions. All listed economists must have completed at least one EB-5 economic impact study. If you have qualifying EB-5 experience, sign-up for increased industry exposure.

Due Diligence Analysts

After reading your professional profile on our site, potential clients can seek your services in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their EB-5 project. If you appear on the SEC’s BrokerCheck online verification system, appearing as a due diligence analyst on EB5Investors.com is the next step in expanding your industry presence.

What people are saying about us

The Southern California EB-5 Conference hosted by EB5 Investors Magazine was the best one-day event I have attended in years. The combination of regional centers, immigration, corporate and securities lawyers, economists, and developers was remarkable. Having Bob Goodlatte, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee speak, was icing on the cake.

Bernard P. Wolfsdorf
Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group, Past President AILA

The Southern California EB-5 Conference is no doubt the premier EB-5 event of the year. The quality of the speakers and the productivity generated by the panel sessions is unmatched.

Henry Liebman
CEO/Co-Founder of American Life, Inc.

EB5 Investors Magazine’s conferences are great for beginners in the EB-5 space, while also providing business development opportunities for regional centers that need exposure.

David Hirson
Managing Partner at David Hirson & Partners, LLP

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