Publisher's Note | EB5 Investors Magazine: Chinese Edition Inaugural Issue | 2014

EB5 Investors Magazine China is an exciting new magazine that builds upon the success of our original, U.S.-based, magazine and our online portal to the EB-5 world. I, along with our esteemed board members, am pleased to welcome you to the inaugural Chinese issue and look forward to a bright future of bringing valuable EB-5 information directly to agents on the ground in China.

In these pages, you will find original content tailored to the Chinese agent experience and written by the premier professionals in the EB-5 industry. Each article has been through a rigorous review process to ensure its accuracy, relevancy and value to the industry. You can meet our board members later on in the issue and read about their experience in the field.

This issue is intended to shed light on the most important aspects of the EB-5 process from the agent and investor perspective. The articles will cover topics such as due diligence, choosing the right project, source of funds, and selecting EB-5 professionals. EB5 Investors Magazine China will equip you with the techniques you need to best serve your investor clients.

In keeping with our mission to increase transparency within the EB-5 program, we have included articles on ongoing U.S. legislation in regards to the EB-5 program and a survey of other international investment immigration programs. It is clear that U.S. government support for the EB-5 program is strong, and that the EB-5 program remains popular and competitive in comparison to other international options.

The impending visa retrogression for prospective Chinese EB-5 investors has stirred up concern among agents and investors. With the proper information, agents will be able to advise their investors on the continued opportunity and appeal of the EB-5 program. Interest in the program remains strong, especially among U.S. developers hungry for capital, and EB-5 professionals in the United States remain poised to assist Chinese nationals in meeting their investment and immigration goals.

Best regards,

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri is the president of EB5Investors.com and the publisher of EB5 Investors Magazine.