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Elliot Winer

Sudbury, Massachusetts
  • Elliot Winer

Elliot Winer is the founder of Winer Economic Consulting, LLC (formerly Northeast Economic Analysis Group) and its chief economist. The company provides professional economic analysis and assistance, focusing on analyzing targeted employment areas (TEAs) in the EB-5 program. Winer works with clients to organize authoritative documentation which address the requirements of each individual state, presenting these documents to the local or state-governing department/entity for quick verification and expected designation of the requested TEA. He has been successful in analyzing, predicting and determining the probability that an area within a state may qualify as a TEA as of the time of the analysis.

As the chief economist for NEEAG since 2010 and Winer Economic Consulting since 2015, Winer has particularly extensive expertise in evaluating and developing potential TEAs, and has received over 1,100 TEA designations in over 35 states. Winer utilizes this experience when evaluating TEAs for the EB5Investors.com TEAChecker . The TEAChecker is designed to be used by developers, regional centers, EB-5 immigrant investors, attorneys, economists and business plan writers – anyone in the process of determining whether a project is located in a TEA, or may qualify for designation as a TEA. TEAChecker applicants are able to obtain a preliminary determination indicating whether or not a specific geographic area is eligible for the TEA designation, and if a location is determined to be eligible, applicants are additionally provided with a detailed estimate on services to fully manage the process of acquiring the TEA designation. Winer has a breadth of experience working with local and state governments across the country to secure TEA certifications which adhere to USCIS and individual state rules and regulations.

Prior to establishing NEEAG, Winer worked as a labor economist for the state of Massachusetts, serving as the chief supervisor of economic research for the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development (DWD), where he managed all of the major U.S. Bureau of Labor (BLS) federal-state cooperative research programs including the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program. Winer subsequently served for 12 years as the director of economic analysis and chief economist for the DWD. In this role, Winer directed the development of widely-acclaimed information publications on the Massachusetts labor market, including the Regional Labor Market Information Profiles and Career Moves. He also managed Massachusetts’ occupational employment and industry forecasts, along with designing and developing a new job vacancy survey.

Winer currently is a member of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) Executive Advisory Board, among other economic advisory boards. He also received the Commonwealth Corporation Excellence in Research and Evaluation Award in 2005. Winer graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the Syracuse University Martin J. Whitman School of Management, and he received his master’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park.

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