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Welcome to our online community dedicated to assisting individuals seeking a green card through the EB-5 visa program. Established by the United States government, the EB-5 visa program offers a unique opportunity for investors to attain U.S. permanent residency while contributing to the country’s economy.

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The Southern California EB-5 Conference hosted by EB5 Investors Magazine was the best one-day event I have attended in years. The combination of regional centers, immigration, corporate and securities lawyers, economists, and developers was remarkable. Having Bob Goodlatte, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee speak, was icing on the cake.

Bernard P. Wolfsdorf
Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group, Past President AILA

The Southern California EB-5 Conference is no doubt the premier EB-5 event of the year. The quality of the speakers and the productivity generated by the panel sessions is unmatched.

Henry Liebman
CEO/Co-Founder of American Life, Inc.

EB5 Investors Magazine’s conferences are great for beginners in the EB-5 space, while also providing business development opportunities for regional centers that need exposure.

David Hirson
Managing Partner at David Hirson & Partners, LLP

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What is an EB-5 visa?

An employment based fifth-preference immigrant visa (“EB-5 visa”) enables a foreign national to become a permanent resident (i.e. green card holder). It is one of five employment-based paths to permanent residency in the U.S.

How much do I need to invest for the EB-5 visa?

The investment must be either $800,000 if made in a targeted employment area, or $1,050,000 if not located in a targeted employment area.

How does the EB-5 program work?

If a foreign national makes a qualifying investment that creates 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers, they are eligible for permanent residency in the U.S.

What is the EB-5 visa processing timeline?

The EB-5 processing timeline varies due to the country of birth of the applicant due to per country limitations on the number of visas that may be granted in each fiscal year. 

What is an EB-5 regional center?

An EB-5 regional center is an entity licensed by USCIS to sponsor EB-5 investments. Sponsorship of an EB-5 investment by a regional center enables the foreign national to claim credit for the creation of jobs indirectly, via reasonable economic methodologies.

What are the benefits of a U.S. green card?

Green card holders can live and work anywhere in the U.S. and may apply for citizenship 5 years after receipt of conditional permanent residency, provided certain conditions are met.

Can EB-5 Investors Receive Their Investment Capital Back?

Yes, foreign nationals are permitted to receive a return of their investment capital upon filing of their Form I-829, provided compliance with certain legal requirements is met and the investment is financially and otherwise able to make such a return of capital.

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