Announcing a transformed magazine: Learn about global investment immigration programs!  

To celebrate the power of the global investment migration industry, we are proud to announce the transition of the Chinese edition of EB5 Investors Magazine to Uglobal Immigration Magazine. 

While the EB-5 program continues to stay strong and bring exciting opportunities for people around the world, the rapidly growing global citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment programsare undeniable. We are embracing this booming trend to bring you a powerful range of articles from global markets. 

Our magazine will continue to work as an authoritative voice and connecting platform for the industry’s key players, offering educational insight and transparency about trends and the impact of new legislation for programs around the world, including Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Australia, Malta, Cyprus, United Kingdom and the Caribbean. 

We are excited to present you with wide variety of global articles in this issue, especially highlighting the powerful EB-5 class-action lawsuit in the United States, which offers hope to Chinese investors, claiming that the U.S. government has been miscounting the limited annual supply of EB-5 visas. Experts are also sharing their insight on the booming Golden Visa program in Greece, which has no residency requirements and offers one of Europe’s lowest investment amounts 

Also, learn about Italy’s new Investor visa for entrepreneurs and the growing trend of countries offering visas to start-up businesses and entrepreneur applicants. Discover how to avoid common mistakes when applying to United Kingdom’s Tier 1 Entrepreneur program and the pros and cons of Australia’s Significant Investor Visa and Business Talent Visa streams. 

We invite you to join us on our global conference series tour of 2019, which includes stops in Dubai, Los Angeles, Shanghai, India, Vietnam and South Korea. We are excited to share our experience and lead the way with our vision of increasing market transparency and education in the investment migration field around the world.  

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EB5Investors.com Staff

EB5Investors.com Staff