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Strategic Element, founded by Philip Cohen in 2010, provides high-quality business plans for the EB-5 industry, with a focus on EB-5 regional center projects. As the president of Strategic Element, Mr. Cohen leads a hand-picked team experienced in consulting and business plan writing, and works closely with many leading EB-5 immigration attorneys, economists and securities attorneys. The insight gathered from these partnerships enables the Strategic Element team to offer their clients additional guidance during the development process, thus avoiding potential delays and obstacles from the outset.

Strategic Element has successfully written more than 31 business plans for regional center projects which are raising over $1.7 billion in EB-5 capital, as well as more than 50 ‘direct’ EB-5 project plans. Strategic Element has developed a very strong reputation for minimization of RFEs and success with investors based on its business plans, having written some of the industry’s best-known and best-selling business plans. Their services also include economic impact reports and feasibility studies.

Mr. Cohen has ample experience in new business development and operating businesses in different industries. He has developed start-ups for everything from large public companies to independent companies, progressively developing his background in real-world new business concepts and strategies. His career began in the manufacturing sector in 1993, with Mr. Cohen since taking a hands-on role in launching several business initiatives and businesses himself. He is also the editor-in-chief and lead author of The EB-5 Definitive Guide, and was a lead contributor and editor of ILW’s original The EB-5 Book. Mr. Cohen is a frequent speaker at various conferences and events in North America on the EB-5 program.

At Strategic Element, “Business is our passion, EB-5 is our focus.” The firm loves what it does and its reputation speaks for itself. Strategic Element has written EB-5 plans for industries such as restaurants, health care, hotels, assisted living, manufacturing, franchise operations, transportation and shipping, municipal infrastructure, call centers, and even robotics and gold mine businesses. Strategic Element has never had a Request for Evidence (RFE) as a result of its own business plan work, even though approximately 40 to 50 percent of regional centers applications receive RFEs, per USCIS statistics. Several of the EB-5 industry’s leading attorneys rely on Strategic Element to write their business plans regularly. All plans are designed to meet USCIS requirements while resonating strongly with investors.

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