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Our EB-5 Professional Directories are a convenient and free online resource for anyone seeking professional help related to the EB-5 visa program. Use the links below to browse this free online resource which includes legal service providers across the United States, and interact with them by asking questions and providing feedback.

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Applying for an EB-5 Visa is a complicated process which involves several different types of professionals. If you are looking for an EB-5 immigration attorney or an EB-5 corporate and securities attorney our directories are a great place to find one! If you would like speak with a representative at EB5Investors.com to assess your eligibility to participate in the EB-5 program for general immigration purposes, contact us directly to begin the process.

Our EB-5 Professional Directories are also an excellent resource for fellow EB-5 professionals to find one another. If you are looking for a assistance from a fellow professional, or wish to advertise yourself as an option within the EB-5 community, these directories are a wonderful resource.

Each EB-5 Professional who has a listing on our directories has the ability to comment on any other listing you see. These comments come from professionals in the field, and are a great resource for you to learn about each provider’s reputation within the industry. We encourage our EB-5 Professionals to comment on our articles and blog posts as well, so be sure to watch out for the most active professionals who provide you with valuable information!

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