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About Elliot Winer and Winer Economic Consulting, LLC

Elliot Winer

Winer Economic Consulting, LLC specializes in Targeted Employment Area (TEA) analysis and other types of economic analysis. As its Chief Economist, Elliot Winer has particular expertise in evaluating and developing potential (TEAs). He has extensive experience working with state and local governments throughout the nation to secure TEA certifications that abide by USCIS and individual state rules and regulations.

Prior to founding Winer Economic Consulting, LLC (formerly Northeast Economic Analysis Group) Elliot Winer spent 39 years as a labor economist for the state of Massachusetts, serving as Chief Economist and Director of Economic Analysis for the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development, Chief Supervisor of Economic Research, and Senior Labor Market Economist, among other roles.

Read What Others in the EB-5 Industry are Saying About Elliot Winer

  • Elliot is the most knowledgeable consultant I have worked with on behalf of my clients with respect to TEA designations. He has obtained TEA designations in dozens of states, he understands the intricacies of each state’s policy on that issue, and he knows how best to work with each state to obtain a TEA. I would highly recommend that anyone seeking a TEA for their EB-5 project consult with Elliot.

    Cathy Holmes
    Catherine DeBono Holmes
    Partner at Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell LLP
  • I have worked with Mr. Winer in an EB-5 context for over five years and had him assist countless clients in understanding the TEA regulations and successfully obtaining TEA designation letters from various state agencies. Mr. Winer is exceptionally knowledgeable about the TEA certification process in every state and, over the years, has cultivated relationships with the agencies responsible for TEA designation in many states. He is an invaluable resource in understanding TEA designation and a dedicated advocate for shaping the TEA legislation and regulations in a way that accurately and fairly represents the economic and demographic state of an area.

    Linda Lau
    Linda Lau
    President, Global Law Group