Publishers Note | EB5 Investors Magazine | Fall 2013 -

Publishers Note | EB5 Investors Magazine | Fall 2013

I am honored to welcome you to the fall 2013 issue of EB5 Investors Magazine.  Big thanks to our editorial team, which consists of our respected Editorial Board and our dedicated in-house team represented on the masthead.  

When asked why I have chosen to get involved in this industry my answer is quite simple—EB-5 makes sense; we are enhancing our country and local communities by bringing in outstanding individuals. Our EB-5 beneficiaries educate their children in our institutions, develop our businesses, pay into our tax system, and potentially stay here for generations, adding value to our diverse culture and economy. When looking specifically at the benefits to the U.S. economy, the positive outcome is clear and tremendous. To evidence this, we are happy to share an article on the fiscal impact of EB-5 investors co-written by our esteemed board member, Scott Barnhart.   

At our conference held at the Balboa Bay Club in July, Chairman Bob Goodlatte, our keynote speaker, discussed the “overall economic impact” of EB-5 and how it is far greater than the jobs it creates.  We fundamentally agree, and in this issue, Scott has researched and prepared an article that will assist us in quantifying this.      

This unique issue highlights attorneys that were chosen as among the top in the industry.  The Top 25 list, as you will notice, has been expanded by popular demand to also include securities attorneys.  For this reason, there are 32 attorneys on our list.  These attorneys are “for hire” and provide a complete range of services with respect to EB-5 immigration and Regional Centers.

Before earning a spot on our list, these attorneys went through a rigorous selection process that included a community survey, and input from our Editorial Board and in-house staff. I am confident that we were able to objectively identify these folks and most proud to be able to deliver this information to you.

We continue to push the publication’s mission to provide high quality, objective analysis to immigration attorneys, securities attorneys, regional centers, and EB-5 service providers and investors, through peer-reviewed articles.

To our article contributors…thank you!  I encourage you to stay active with us and keep the magazine in mind when you have a good idea for an article.  The content is becoming more relevant and the magazine has substantially grown in size since the last issue.  As we anticipated, this magazine is bringing the EB-5 community together and creating a much-needed space for the discussion of important issues. Politically, a unified voice is very important as this industry matures to the next level.  We have to all work together to make it a better experience for the investor, as well as the developer or business.



Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri

Ali Jahangiri is the president of and the publisher of EB5 Investors Magazine.

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