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Letter from an Editorial Board Member | Jor Law

by Jor Law

Welcome to the inaugural issue of EB5 Investors Magazine, the first publication of its kind in the EB-5 industry. As with all young industries, the EB-5 industry has seen its share of turmoil and setbacks. Just last month, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed an action alleging offering fraud in connection with a large Chicago convention center project. While fraud happens in all industries, this action caused frenzy within the EB-5 community, but where there is failure, there is opportunity to learn.

EB5 Investors Magazine hopes to establish itself as the preeminent publication in the EB-5 industry. We aim to provide curated materials that will spur discussion among experienced EB-5 veterans, welcome and teach a new generation of people learning about EB-5 and offer a dependable resource for anyone seeking to stay current on the latest developments in the EB-5 industry,

Last year saw a phenomenal growth in the number of applicants taking advantage of the EB-5 Program. This is a good resource for immigrants seeking to find a new home in the United States and a great opportunity for the United States economy that still struggles to recover from recession. It is a wonderful thing for workers who struggle to find jobs in this economy and we hope to keep it going as we navigate through future years.

We need to remember that bad things can happen even in good programs. How we react to difficult situations is what defines us as people. We can choose to criticize and prosecute to the point where we risk destroying the EB-5 Program entirely, or we can choose to improve the quality of everyone and everything involved with EB-5. At EB5 Investors Magazine, we choose the latter.

Failures will still happen; it is the nature of business and investments. EB-5 involves at-risk investments, and most investments involve a greater amount of risk than one ever really desires. To fear failure is to wallow in defeat. Instead, we should take this opportunity to band together as an industry and blaze a path toward better practices so that outstanding U.S. companies can continue to offer quality projects and fulfill the American dream for qualifying immigrant investors throughout the world.

We at EB5 Investors Magazine welcome you to take this journey with us as we watch and document the path that EB-5 takes as it matures into a respectful industry that serves as an important tool for Americans and foreign investors working together for a common purpose.

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