Top 5 Business Plan Writers -

Top 5 Business Plan Writers

EB5 Investors Magazine is pleased to announce the Top 5 Business Plan Writers of 2023. To be eligible, distinguished business plan writers needed to draft business plans for groups involved in EB-5 funding.

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William Dean


William Dean is vice president of immigration at Masterplans, an Inc. 500 business plan writing company founded in 2002. He directs a team of market research and finance experts creating filing-ready business plans for clients referred by 300+ law offices. Dean specializes in reviewing client materials and RFEs to help E-2, L-1A, EB-2, and EB-5 applicants obtain their visas. He first encountered EB-5 in 2008, and since that time has overseen almost 2,500 visa business plans. Dean is a frequent speaker at immigration conferences and on podcasts. He graduated with honors from Brown University and was a paralegal at Stoel Rives before joining Masterplans.

Matthew Khalili

Plan Writers

Matthew Khalili has vast experience in the intersection of entrepreneurship and business immigration with a key focus area in EB-5. Prior to founding his consultancy, Plan Writers, Khalili led multiple startups, earning titles such as Internet Retail Top 500, Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies, and board member of Entrepreneur Organization (EO LA). He has spent the last decade as the founder of Plan Writers, assisting 5,000+ entrepreneurs raise over $1 billion in financing and numerous approved visas. Khalili is an expert witness who testifies on EB-5 business plans. He has an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Suzanne Lazicki

Lucid Professional Writing

Suzanne Lazicki is a business writer and consultant specializing in the EB-5 program. In a decade since founding Lucid Professional Writing, Lazicki has written hundreds of business plans for regional center and direct EB-5 projects, and a variety of plans and market reports for non-immigrant investments. She holds a BA in English literature (summa cum laude) and a Master of Business Administration. Lazicki runs, providing EB-5 news, data, and analysis to readers around the world. Her published work includes articles on business plans in the third and fourth editions of Immigration Options for Investors & Entrepreneurs, published by AILA.

Marisa Marconi

Pinnacle Plan Writing

Marisa Marconi is the founder and lead consultant at Pinnacle Plan Writing. She has 15 years of experience in the business planning industry and has developed thousands of plans for EB-5, E-2, and L-1 visa petitions. She works closely with issuers, investors, regional centers, attorneys, and industry groups, providing consulting, project management, and plan development for both direct and regional center projects. Marconi is honored to have been named one of EB5 Investors Magazine’s Top 5 Business Plan Writers since 2015. Marconi earned her degree from Columbia University and now resides with her wife and son in Portland, Oregon.

Thomas Martin

Baker Tilly

With more than a decade of EB-5 experience, Tom Martin leads the firm’s robust EB-5 practice. He chiefly works with professional writers, economists, analysts, and researchers to ensure that business plans and economic analysis reports are properly written using industry accepted methodologies. Martin has overseen the completion of more than 1,500 business plans across various industries; from billion-dollar real estate projects in New York City to small solar farms in rural Indiana. He serves as a strategic advisor to real estate developers, regional centers, attorneys, community development advocates, and public sector officials. He has spoken on EB-5 topics at various international and domestic conferences. Staff

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