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2018 Las Vegas EB-5 & Uglobal Investment Immigration Convention Celebrates the Power of the Investment Immigration Community

To celebrate the power and transforming landscape of the investment immigration industry, EB5 Investors Magazine hosted the 2018 Las Vegas EB-5 & Uglobal Investment Immigration Convention at the luxurious Bellagio Resort and Casino on Jan. 26-27. 

More than 900 industry professionals from around the world gathered for two days of networking and moderated educational panels, discussing the future and legislative developments of the growing market. A distinguished group of migration agents, regional centers, attorneys, developers, broker-dealers and other prominent EB-5 and global investment immigration stakeholders had the opportunity to learn about new industry trends, emerging markets, capital redeployment and potential legislative change to the EB-5 regional center program. More than 100 panelists shared their insight during the event, which was supported by more than 70 sponsors. 

Keynote speaker Mark Hutchison, Nevada Lieutenant Governor, praised the EB-5 program for strengthening families, the economy and helping to create jobs. 

“The EB5 program is the essence of the American dream,” he said. “It’s the essence of bringing people to the United States of America, giving them opportunities to prosper and thrive and bless their families while increasing job growth. It’s a great facilitator of the American Dream.” 

EB5 Investors Magazine also held a special American Dream lunch reception to celebrate the lives of four EB-5 investor immigrants, who shared their personal and heart-warming experiences journeying towards the American Dream. 

The convention held sold-out workshops about global immigration programs, where panelists from Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Italy and Vietnam provided insight about the booming citizenship-by-investment market. An international crowd learned how newly proposed regulations could improve the Cypriot program, that several European and Caribbean countries have lowered their investment amounts to compete for investors, and potential benefits of Grenadian citizenship given the country’s E-2 treaty status.   

Attendees in the attorney workshops heard about credit swaps increasing as a cause of RFEs, that cannabis projects likely will receive a swift NOID, and that even small inconsistencies in prior visa applications can result in an RFE.  

EB-5 financing workshops highlighted the importance of working with an experienced EB-5 team in today’s climate and that regional centers and developers should have a contingency plan if an EB-5 offering does not sell out. It also focused on the importance of having different marketing strategies for the Indian market compared to other markets, and that Indian investors have unique money transfer issues. 

Panels also discussed the impact of how TEA designation could change this year. Many shared their concerns about the potential for long processing times if USCIS were in charge of issuing TEA letters 

Another hot topic was Vietnam, which is now the top market for several prominent regional centers and demand does not seem to be slowing down. However, when it comes to source of funds, Vietnam can be a challenge since it’s a cash economy. Cryptocurrency seems to be one way to deal with the restrictions in moving capital out of certain areas.    

Dan Nguyen, director of American Immigration & Multi Services, described the educational convention as “a playground for all experts and professionals.” 

“It creates a business environment and opportunities for related people around the world,” he said. “Its meaningful scope is to bring U.S. dreams to everybody, to change their lives and future. We are happy to see that EB5 investors Magazine is holding regular seminars around the country and overseas to create more opportunities in this business.” 

Daniel Healy, CEO of Civitas Capital Group, agreed. 

As always with EB5 Investors Magazine-sponsored conventions, this was a well-run, expertly executed conference that will provide value all year long,” he said. 

Joel Stewart, legal advisor for the General Consulate of Brazil in Florida, also enjoyed the event. 

“The EB5 Investors’ conference in Las Vegas was a world class EB-5 event that brought together the best of the best – regional centersturnkey projects, entrepreneurs, creative financing and migration agents,” he said. 


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