August visa bulletin and how EB-5 investors can better understand it -

August visa bulletin and how EB-5 investors can better understand it Staff

By Marta Lillo

The U.S. State Department has released its August visa bulletin with no changes compared to the previous one.

All countries remain current except for Mainland China and India in the EB-5 Unreserved categories. For the new set aside categories, all countries are current. In August 2023, Mainland China’s final action date is Sept. 8, 2015, which has been the same since May; and India remains at April 1, 2017, which has been the case since the July bulletin.

How to better understand the visa bulletin for EB-5 investors

Understanding the Visa Bulletin is essential for EB-5 investors who seek to become United States permanent residents by applying for immigrant visas through the EB-5 program. By learning its complexities, investors can navigate the immigration process better.

Applicants can refer to the “Final Action Dates for Employment based preference cases” chart to confirm the availability of visas for their respective preference categories and their eligibility to proceed. Applicants then look at the “Dates for Filing of Employment based visa applications” chart. The first determines when applicants can proceed with their applications, and the second indicates when they can submit their necessary documents to the National Visa Center.

Monthly changes made to the visa bulletin

Its helpful for EB-5 investors to understand terms in the bulletin, such as priority date, which marks the filing date of an immigration petition; and the cutoff date, which indicates when visas are available for a particular category.

The bulletin is a dynamic document, subject to monthly updates. Final dates, dates for filing, cutoff, and priority dates may advance, remain static, or retrogress due to different circumstances.

Staying updated with these changes is crucial to make informed decisions regarding immigration plans.


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