Key takeaways from our successful EB-5 & Global Expo in Shanghai -

Key takeaways from our successful EB-5 & Global Expo in Shanghai Staff

By Staff

The EB-5 & Global Expo in Shanghai provided an excellent opportunity to network with migration agents and gain industry insights about the latest trends and developments. The expo marked the reopening of EB-5 events in China after the pandemic.

“Shanghai 2023 trailblazed the reopening of the mainland Chinese EB-5 market and successfully brought together leading figures from across the legal, migration agent and regional center communities,” said Sebastian Stubbe, CEO of Pine State Regional Center. “EB5 Investors Magazine continues to put on some of the most vibrant and educational EB-5 industry conferences.”

Through interactive panels and networking activities, participants of the EB-5 & Global Expo Shanghai learned valuable insights of the United States’ EB-5 program and the global investment migration options from distinguished speakers and migration agents.

Panelist Roberto Contreras from Houston EB5 said it was “overall a quality event.”  

“It was fantastic to see old and new faces in the Chinese immigration industry,” he said. “The renewed interest in the program was apparent in the atmosphere of the event.”

Lily Zheng from Bether Capital said the expo was a high-quality experience for immigration professionals worldwide.

“It was an exceptional event that brought together industry professionals, service providers, regional centers and project developers from around the world. It is an excellent opportunity to speak face to face with the Chinese migration agencies and gain a deep understanding of the Chinese immigration trend, as well as Chinese business culture.”

According to Alvin Wong, COO of Manhattan Regional Center, the conference “provided a good forum for industry players to gather and mingle, share ideas and experiences.”

Meeting migration agents and learning about the new EB-5 regulations

Dozens of migration agencies attended the Shanghai event to network and learn more about the EB-5 regulations and global programs.

Contreras commended the event for bringing together prominent migration agents and other key players from the EB-5 industry.

“Just about all of the major agents were present,” he said. “There were also several newer agents that have been doing immigration for a long time and only just now have started to do EB-5 due to the enhancements in the program afforded by the RIA.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) of Antigua & Barbuda, Jeffrey Hadeed, pointed out that “the agents attending were professional and very serious about the event and the work they were there to do.”

In addition, Ky Boyle, representing CMB Regional Centers, emphasized that the expo was one of the first industry events after the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA 2022) took effect.

“During the course of the event, there was quite a lot of discussion and industry buzz on the impact of the RIA for the program’s participants and the immigration agency representatives,” he said. “Our discussions with agencies included the topics of newly established set aside visa categories, and how adjudications on filed petitions were to be anticipated by the USCIS based upon visa availability. Critically, each discussion included the need for proper due diligence on the project, developer, regional center, and the business plan.”

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