Jenny Thorvaldson

Huntersville, NC

About Jenny Thorvaldson

Jenny Thorvaldson is a regional economist and director of data development at IMPLAN Group LLC, a provider of economic impact analysis tools and data. In addition to managing most IMPLAN data products, Thorvaldson also performs analysis support, and contributes to internal and external documentation and training materials.

As an unbiased provider of economic data, software solutions, and analysis support, IMPLAN Group does not regularly conduct economic impact studies. However, prior to joining IMPLAN Group, Thorvaldson conducted several IMPLAN studies related to water use in Colorado. Since joining IMPLAN Group in 2010, she has provided consultations and reviews of numerous studies, including EB-5 studies. She has served as a panelist at EB-5 conferences, and has authored articles for EB5 Investors Magazine, the Colorado Water Institute, the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association, and other organizations.

Thorvaldon’s responsibilities at IMPLAN Group consist of managing and assisting in the production of annual IMPLAN data-sets for select international countries, the United States, states, counties, Congressional Districts, and zip codes. This includes the development of new data products, and data quality control and process improvements. Thorvaldson also develops annual budgets for IMPLAN’s data team, writes custom VB.Net programs to transmit and transform data and estimate nondisclosed values, assists in designing and facilitating IMPLAN training sessions, and more.

Thorvaldson received a B.S. in Biological Sciences and Spanish from Colorado State University in 2002 and a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Economics from Colorado State University in 2010. As a graduate student, she used IMPLAN to study the economic impacts of reduced irrigated agriculture in Colorado and performed a statistical analysis of household preferences related to water use in the western United States. She also taught microeconomics and environmental economics at Front Range Community College.

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