India takes a step back in June 2023 visa bulletin; China remains the same -

India takes a step back in June visa bulletin; China remains the same Staff

The June 2023 visa bulletin sheds light on the dates on which EB-5 investors can apply for green cards, officially known as the final action date.

All world countries, with the exception of Mainland China and India, continue to have a current final action date, indicating there are no backlogs for applicants of most countries and that EB-5 investors from any country other than Mainland China and India can initiate their green card applications witout delay.

For Mainland China, the final action date had progressed in the May visa bulletin to September 8, 2015, and it remains the same in the June 2023 visa bulletin. This means that only mainland China applicants with priority dates falling before that date could apply for a green card.

India’s final action date, which has remained the same for the past two months, has now retrogressed by over a year to April 1, 2017 – indicating increased backlog for Indian EB-5 investors.

As for set-aside categories, the final action dates for all countries remain current.

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