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About YK America Regional Center, LLC

YK America Regional Center (YKARC) is an EB-5 Regional Center headquartered in El Monte, Calif. specializing in developing, leasing, and managing commercial properties. YKARC became USCIS-designated in May 2009 and is one of the largest EB-5 Regional Centers in Southern California. Its geographic scope covers the counties of Kern, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles in the state of California. YKARC also has projects in the cities of Delano, Pomona, and El Centro.

The regional center focuses on the industries of retail shopping centers, food service/dining, entertainment, general offices, mixed-use buildings, hospitality, industrial warehouse, industrial manufacturing, educational services, and public sector offices.

YK America Regional Center projects are strategically designed to take advantage of opportunities in today’s challenging economy. The philosophy at YKARC revolves around the idea of stability. YKARC has professionals with years of experience. The regional center partners with national retail tenants and chooses locations with high growth potential for projects. This allows YKARC to offer stable investment opportunities for potential immigrant investors.

David Lu, founder and chairman of YKARC, has an extensive background in multiple facets of international business. Through over 30 years of experience in trade and real estate and a broad network, he has developed an intuition to find potential in land development in the California market.

Justin Huang, president, CEO, and board director of YKARC, has a solid background in construction, property management, acquisition, and development of commercial retail/office and residential custom/tract homes. He received a bachelor’s degree in city planning and urban planning from the University of Southern California. Huang has brokered deals with national retail anchor tenants such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Lowe’s, Target, Winco Foods, and Starbucks.

Howard Ting, senior VP of YKARC, has over 20 years of experience in international trade and property development. He is considered an expert in marketing and commercial negotiation and is often invited to speak for professional real estate organizations and private enterprises. Ting has a degree in business and international commerce from California State University, Los Angeles.

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