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Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center, located in Des Moines, Wash., was designated as a regional center by USCIS in July 2013. Yareton acts as the regional center behind the Artemis Hotel Group, which operates the 5-star Shanghai Mingde Plaza Hotel and is currently building the Artemis Hotel in the Greater Seattle Area. Mr. Chun Yang, one of the principles of the regional center, says the hotel is a symbol of cooperation between China and the United States, and the City of Des Moines offers its support to the regional center’s projects, as it should kick start redevelopment in the Pacific Ridge Commercial Zone.

Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center’s key management positions are held by Albert Sze, Chun Yang, and Rolf Preuss. Mr. Albert Sze is the project director of Artemis Hotel Group and has a professional degree in architecture. Mr. Sze has previously worked for 20 years in property acquisition and master planning for multinational companies. He has experience working with mixed-use residential complexes and high-end hospitality facilities. Mr. Sze uses his management experience to complete projects within budget, and to communicate between builders, vendors, government agencies, and hospitality management groups.

Mr. Chun Yang is CEO of Yareton Investment & Management WA LLC, which owns the Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center; previously, he worked for twenty years as an investor, real estate developer, and licensed general contractor. He received a university degree in China for business management administration , and has been managing director of Shanghai Min Tong Real Estate Development and Shanghai Min Qaing Group since 1998. He has developed a track record for successful high-rise commercial property, including hotels, condominiums, and apartments. Mr. Yang uses prudent fiscal policies to ensure profitability in developing real estate properties.

Mr. Rolf Preuss acts as senior advisor of Yareton Investment & Management WA LLC, and has a master’s degree in architecture. For Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center, he provides urban planning and architectural advice. He formerly taught urban planning at the University of Hawaii, and, in the past, built departments for several cities. Mr. Preuss has a personal understanding of Chinese culture, as he was born in Germany and raised in Shanghai before immigrating to the United States.

The Artemis Hotel will be a product of private and public cooperation and the largest hotel in the city of Des Moines, Wash. The hotel will feature Chinese culture and cuisine, a convention center, and a spa. It plans to create 70 direct jobs and 850 indirect jobs.

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