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LCR Overseas Regional Center

Westport, CT

About LCR Overseas Regional Center

LCR Overseas Regional Center has been a USCIS-approved regional center since May 16, 2014. The regional center has a designated geographic area that includes four counties in the state of Connecticut, 14 counties in the state of New Jersey, 13 counties in the state of New York, and five counties in the state of Pennsylvania.

LCR Overseas Regional Center is overseen by LCR Capital Partners, a private investment and advisory services firm that focuses on government-approved immigration programs including the EB-5 Immigrant Investors Program.

Founded in 2012, LCR is headquartered in Westport, Conn., has locations in Miami, São Paulo, Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore and San Francisco. LCR works with over 800 clients that have decided to move to the United States and the majority of these families are from India, South Africa, Brazil, and Latin America.

About LCR Capital Partners

LCR Capital Partners is a global private investment and advisory services firm that works with high net worth families interested in global opportunities, particularly investing in a second residency in the United States, Portugal or Grenada.

Active with the EB-5 Immigrant Investors Program since 2012, LCR has helped more than 800 clients from over 30 countries. LCR is a regional center and an EB-5 fund administrator. We work with top-quality developers, identify strong EB-5 projects, and ensure their job creation plans are government-approved before raising capital from foreign investors.

Headquartered in Westport, CT and the firm runs a global network with offices in Miami, San Francisco, São Paulo, Mumbai, Dubai, and Singapore. The team brings knowledge of the EB-5 process, but also how the visa application process can impact the whole family. Focusing on newer markets like India, Brazil and South Africa, LCR bringing resources that help educate clients as they make the significant decision to gain U.S. residency.

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