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International Michigan Investments Regional Center (IMIRC) is an EB-5 Regional Center headquartered in Lansing, Mich. The regional center received USCIS designation in April of 2008 and focuses on the industries of real estate development, agri-food, alternative energy projects, tourism, and light manufacturing/industrial projects.

The geographic scope of IMIRC was expanded from a single county to the entire state of Michigan in May of 2011. IMIRC can thus offer EB-5 compliant capital investments in businesses falling under their industries anywhere in Michigan.

Gary McRay, a principal at IMIRC, is a shareholder with Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, a 100-lawyer law firm located in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Farmington Hills, Mich. McRay has had 39 years of experience in representing businesses, including foreign investors, and maintains a health care business, and real estate practice in Lansing, Mich. McRay has developed a reputation for handling complicated transactions for hospitals, managed care organizations, HMOs, health insurers, physician groups, and other entities. McRay also has an international law practice with a clientele that includes corporations seeking counsel for mergers, acquisitions, and sale transactions. His work also includes establishing EB-5 Regional Centers and facilitating joint ventures and strategic alliances as well as acquisitions and direct investments.

Tong Sun (Skye) Suh, a principal at IMIRC, is an attorney and founder of Skye Suh, PLC, a law firm located in southeastern Michigan. Skye Suh, PLC specializes in representing multinational corporations and individuals from South Korea investing in the United States through a general corporate and immigration practice. Prior to opening her own practice, Suh worked in the global legal department at Butzel Long, PC, a large leading law firm in Detroit. Suh is an Oakland county mediator and a legal columnist for the Michigan Korean Journal and the Michigan Korean Times. Suh has over 18 years of experience consulting and working with automotive-related companies and executives within the industry. Suh provides pro bono legal services to the Korean student community in the Detroit metro area and provides cultural awareness training to Detroit automotive companies and executives.

If you are interested in contacting IMIRC, you may do so by filling out the form on the right side of this page.

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