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Founded in 1997, CMB Regional Centers is one of the earliest regional center operators in the EB-5 industry. Since the approval of its first regional center more than 20 years ago, CMB has expanded its geographic scope to 22 states and other areas, including California, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Its 16 active regional centers invest in a myriad of industries, including construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, real estate, utilities, hospitality and entertainment. During the past decade, CMB has successfully raised more than $2.8 billion worth of EB-5 funds and created more than 172,000 jobs American jobs. In its early years, CMB focused on the revitalization of areas impacted by the closures of military bases, including George Air Force Base, Norton Air Force Base, Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento Army Depot, McClellan Air Force Base and the realigned March Air Force Base. Through infrastructure development, CMB helped boost the local economy, improve damaged environments, increase regional productivity and create new jobs. CMB later shifted its attention to significantly undeveloped areas, using EB-5 capital as an early-stage resource to jump-start the local economic recovery. CMB has accumulated extensive experience working with government agencies and private developers. CMB is one of the pioneers in the EB-5 industry by introducing the loan model. Since 2014, CMB has partnered with third-party independent auditors and initiated audits on its financials and records, which helps promote transparency in the industry. CMB Regional Centers’ founder Patrick F. Hogan has been actively involved in the EB-5 industry since 1994. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in multiple economic sectors, including automotive, printing and retail.

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