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The California Real Estate Regional Center (CaRE) is both a government-approved EB-5 Regional Center and a boutique real estate investment bank. CaRE utilizes capital from foreign EB-5 visa program participants to finance real estate projects throughout Southern California. The CaRE team has in excess of 50 years of real estate and global finance experience in China, South America, Europe, Russia and the United States. The team is comprised of veteran real estate industry professionals who have ample experience in development, acquisition, ownership, and management of an exceptionally diverse portfolio of real estate projects. This team consists of attorneys, fund managers, CPAs, and hospitality professionals who have decades of experience. The experienced and knowledgeable CaRE team will help ensure a profitable, simple and smooth EB-5 visa process for foreign investors.

EB-5 Regional Centers are private corporations or commercial enterprises that operate targeted investment programs within clearly defined geographic regions. These regional centers help catalyze job creation and promote economic growth within the United States. The California Real Estate Regional Center (CaRE) has invaluable experience facilitating EB-5 visa program investments. The CaRE agent network has raised over $350 million dollars for EB-5 projects. Over 50 projects and regional centers have been approved by their EB-5 compliance team, and hundreds of I-526 EB-5 visa applications have been approved by their network of immigration attorneys. This proven track record and experience helps the CaRE team ensure successful execution throughout all stages of the EB-5 visa process.

The experience that the CaRE team has with raising capital and meeting USCIS requirements is not the only advantage to EB-5 investment through the California Real Estate Regional Center. Investing in a regional center like CaRE allows EB-5 visa applicants to rely on indirect job creation standards rather than being required to rely only on direct job creation standards. CaRE also has EB-5 projects operating within targeted employment areas, which require a lower mandatory investment amount of $500,000.

The CaRE team assumes the day-to-day management duties of administering EB-5 investment projects so that their visa applicants don’t have to. This means that EB-5 visa applicants will save time when investing through CaRE. It is also far less expensive for applicants to invest through CaRE as opposed to designating their own regional center, which can be extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming.

CaRE’s EB-5 projects are located throughout Southern California. CaRE is USCIS-designated to operate in the California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura. This area represents a large, urban region with nearly 22 million residents. This area is home to beautiful beaches, including Newport Beach, San Diego and Malibu. It is also home to Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios Hollywood, beautiful wineries, and world class universities, including the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles.

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