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American Investment Fund, LLC, located in Tampa, Fla., was designated as an EB-5 Regional Center by USCIS in July 2010. American Investment Fund, LLC is a participant in the EB-5 program and allows foreign investors to invest their funds into one of their projects in order to fulfill the requirements of the EB-5 visa program. American Investment Fund, LLC is authorized to offer investment opportunities in the fields of hospitality and health and fitness, which includes traveler accommodation, food services, retail trade and real estate. Its geographic scope includes the entire state of Florida.

Because of its location in Florida, the regional center benefits from a high amount of tourist traffic, which allows for the creation of projects and investments that cater to individuals on holiday. Florida is also consistently ranked among the top U.S. states in terms of being pro-business.

American Investment Fund is highly experienced in international business and has conducted business in North America, Asia and Europe for over 20 years. The regional center has experience with hotel development and operations, real estate investments in residential and commercial projects, import and export of commodities, restaurant operations and investment, and distribution. More specifically, American Investment Fund and its affiliates are responsible for managing and operating hotels, real estate investments, fitness clubs and various other businesses.

American Investment Fund and its affiliates have already successfully opened three Crunch fitness gyms in central Florida due to investments from the EB-5 program. Each gym creates over 30 fulltime jobs and the regional center is looking to further expand the franchise across Florida by opening more locations. American Investment Fund is also responsible for the Red Roof Inn hotels in Florida and is also looking to expand the franchise with the help of more EB-5 investments.

Syed Raza is the president and CEO of American Investment Fund. Raza’s knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry allow him to successfully run the regional center, which specializes in the field. He has over 20 years of experience being a hospitality industry executive. He also has experience with the operation of multi-unit hotels, distressed hotel turnarounds, and designing and constructing a hotel from the ground up. Raza also has extensive and diversified experience in operating a national food distribution company, a commercial real estate company and industrial warehouses. Raza has also been responsible for managing investments in restaurants and other food outlets, along with investments in the technology sector.

James Hussaini is the managing director of American Investment Fund. Ten years ago, Hussaini, a young entrepreneur, transitioned from the floundering high tech industry to launch a highly successful career in real estate. Wanting to share his expertise, he established HomeLife Dreams Real Estate Brokerage. At the same time, he also created a specialized real estate investment and management company. Hussaini is highly experienced in a variety of fields, including technology, marketing, importing, publishing and community assistance.

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