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David Hirson is an EB-5 immigration attorney, partner in charge of Fragomen’s consular practice and co-manager at the company’s Irvine office in California. Attorney Hirson files EB-5 Regional Center petitions and applications, as well as immigrant and nonimmigrant visas through U.S. consulates around the world. Attorney Hirson manages accounts for Fortune 500 companies but also helps start-up businesses and companies with mergers and acquisitions regarding issues of immigration law and compliance on a smaller scale. He has been certified by the State Bar of California as a Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law for 20 years.

Attorney Hirson assists businesses that are looking to become EB-5 Regional Centers gain USCIS approval. He has obtained more than 14 USCIS approval designations for regional centers and has even more pending approval. His services include filing of I-924 applications, which includes proof of perspective job creation through a regional center’s business plan, proof of compliance for the regional center, including lawful source of funds, and a map of the geographic scope of a project. He works with EB-5 immigration cases on a daily basis and has referred several cases within the U.S.-based Fragomen offices located in San-Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Fragomen is among the world’s leading immigration law firms, assisting a wide variety of business and individuals with comprehensive immigration services. With a focus strictly on immigration, Fragomen specializes in providing effective and efficient strategic advice and solutions. The Fragomen firm offers a wide variety of business immigration services, including student-related services, family immigration processing cases, visa insurance and counseling, and business visa permits and passports. Fragomen also specializes in advice for corporate mergers, buy-outs, reorganization and expansion. With sophisticated technology and effective management solutions, Fragomen has established itself as a leading immigration law firm encompassing over 40 different business locations in 18 countries around the world with over 2,000 highly trained immigration professionals.

Attorney Hirson has over twenty years of first-hand knowledge and experience with the EB-5 visa program; his involvement dates back to 1990 when the program was first established. It was in 1991 that Attorney Hirson prepared and filed one of the first EB-5 cases that was approved by USCIS (INS at the time). Attorney Hirson has also successfully secured approval of appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) following a regional center denial on four separate occasions. He has helped several regional centers file and successfully gain approval with USCIS. Attorney Hirson is a member of the Orange County and Los Angeles Bar Association’s immigration law sections, and a member of the legislative committee of IIUSA (The Association to Invest in the USA) which is an EB-5 Regional Center trade and professional organization. In the past, he has held the position of chair for several prestigious groups and organizations, including the Southern California Chapter of AILA, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Investor Visa Committee. Attorney Hirson also lectures in the United States and abroad on topics of business and immigration, and has been published many times over, including two EB-5 related editions of Immigrations Briefings.

Attorney Hirson is an experienced EB-5 immigration attorney and in that capacity has worked with both large and small, and private and public entities throughout his career. His expertise with EB-5 in working with regional centers is extensive, as he has filed and advised in filing many successful applications. If you are a business looking to become a regional center, you may contact David Hirson for general counsel and application preparation, review, and compliance issues by using the contact form available to you on this page.

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