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Jan H Brown

New York, New York
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Jan H. Brown is an EB-5 immigration attorney and is the principal attorney of the Law Offices of Jan H. Brown, P.C., a law firm based in New York City. Attorney Brown is a U.S. immigration law expert with 30 years of experience in helping people with different nationalities come to, work and live in the United States.

The Law Offices of Jan H. Brown is one of the leading immigration law firms in New York City. It acquired its current status because of the number of immigration-related cases the firm has won over the years. Attorney Brown and his associates assist different clients, including financial advisers, investors, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, engineers, medical doctors, technology companies, actors and artists, students and many more. The law firm also assists corporations who wish to establish their business in the United States. The law firm can cater to different nationalities and different languages. Attorney Brown and his associates can speak and understand English, Chinese Mandarin, Belorussian, Spanish, Russian and Hindi.

Attorney Brown is one of the leading U.S. immigration lawyers in New York City. Currently, he is one of the chairpersons of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) on the Immigration and Nationality Committee. Additionally, he serves as a co-chair on the Sub-Committee on Standards and Quality of the NYSBA Special Committee on Immigration Representation. In 2010, attorney Brown was the president of the New York chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Attorney Brown recently wrote proposed legislation to stop the illegal practice of unlicensed practitioners fraudulently claiming to be immigration law experts. Moreover, attorney Brown regularly gives lectures about immigration law; his lectures cover fiance visas, process and procedures being followed at the National Visa Center, trends in family immigration, understanding immigration documents and requirements and much more.

In addition to giving lectures and writing legislation, attorney Brown served as a senior editor of the Immigration and Nationality Handbook. He has also been reviewing editor for the Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook. He is also the artist and author of the Brown Around Town, a popular editorial cartoon series. His cartoons are published periodically in AILA’s Immigration Law Today and Liberal Opinion Week. Attorney Brown is also the author of the Uncommon Remedy-Common Law Marriage, which was published by Immigration Briefings.

As an immigration lawyer, attorney Brown has assisted several families and immigrants. He has helped his clients with different immigration concerns, including fiance visas, family sponsorship, immigration or adoption filings, and many more. Attorney Brown and his associates have represented their clients in various branches of the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Court of Appeals, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the immigration courts, U.S. consulates abroad, the Administrative Appeals Office and USCIS.

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