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Wise Business Plans, founded in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nev., provides individualized business plans for expanding businesses and startups, with a special focus on immigration visas and securing funds, including through loans, venture capital, and angel investors. Wise Business Plans helps global entrepreneurs from all walks of life achieve financial and career independence through the building of strong businesses. Since its inception, the company has written business plans in more than 400 different industries.

The M.B.A.-written plans crafted by Wise Business Plans are guaranteed to meet USCIS criteria and are Matter of Ho compliant. The team possesses extensive experience in creating plans for EB-5 regional center projects and for EB-5 direct investments. Wise’s expert plan writers have a strong familiarity with all the elements of an EB-5 compliant business plan, including job creation requirements; in fact, personnel planning is something the team handles on a day-to-day basis for companies of all sizes.

An EB-5 business plan written by Wise generally ranges from 40 – 50 pages, and includes a plan overview with an executive summary, financial objectives, startup/expansion summary, and products or services; a market analysis consisting of market size, targeted demographics, location, etc.; marketing information, such as marketing objectives and strategy, and competitive analysis and advantages; an operations analysis, including management, SWOT analysis, and more; EB-5 information, such as the use and allocation of funds, job creation, and detailed job descriptions; and complete financials with a five year pro forma financial projection that includes revenue forecast, cash flow, break-even analysis, and much more.

Wise Business Plans is recognized for the thoroughness of its market research, taking a deep, broad approach to this fundamental planning task, and providing crucial help in identifying areas that could be well-qualified as Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) for the EB-5 visa program. The team behind this success includes professional researchers, financial experts, and M.B.A. writers. Above all, Wise Business Plans is dedicated to empowering its clients to make optimal business decisions, boosting the performance of companies, and facilitating funding success by providing the groundwork for strong businesses.

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