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Deer Park, Illinois
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Andrew Shepin is an EB-5 business plan writer and the managing director of Plan Immigration Inc., located in the Greater Chicago, IL., area. His expertise revolves around business plan writing and investment services for direct EB-5 investments and regional centers. He provides complete I-526 Matter of Ho-compliant business plans and has been working in the EB-5 sector since 2009. Shepin also offers business plan writing and business services to immigration visa applicants who are seeking L-1 and E-2 visas.

Shepin has completed more than 50 EB-5 business plans for various direct investment and regional center projects utilizing EB-5 funding in industries including, but not limited to: pharmaceutical, drone movie production, recycling, computer and software, transportation, restaurants, tortilla factories, hospitality, retail, office buildings, call centers, financial service companies, multifamily, building contractors, and more.

In addition to his business planning experience, Shepin is a FINRA-registered investment advisor, and he has provided due diligence analysis of various EB-5 investment projects and direct investments. He works in partnership with immigration attorneys to provide investment advice to EB-5 clients, and has extensive experience with direct investment businesses using EB-5 capital. He has worked with clients across the United States, advising them on different projects provided by regional center operators.

Prior to his work at Shepin Finance Inc., Shepin served as an insurance, investment, and asset protection advisor for John Hancock, Resource Brokerage, and THG Financial Strategies. He was also previously the principal of Winnemac LLC, which provided services related to long and short-term real estate investments and financing, and he was an investment and tax advisor for SI Management SA. Shepin earned his Ph.D. from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in Moscow, Russia, his B.S. in economics from the University of Latvia, and his B.S./M.S. in engineering from the Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers.