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2023 EB-5 & Global Expo Shenzhen

November 2023 | Shenzhen, China

China is the world’s second biggest economy and has the world’s fourth highest number of HNWI and ultra-high-net-worth-individuals. China has maintained its top position as the biggest market for EB-5 visas, with nearly 9000 visas issued in 2022, making it an attractive location for the 2023 EB-5 & Global Expo in Shenzhen.

Through insightful panels featuring leading immigration experts along with a large exhibitor hall, the event is set to bring together investors, migration agencies, industry professionals, service providers, regional centers and project developers, among other stakeholders.

The moderated educational panels aim to provide factual and timely insights into the policies shaping the EB-5 industry and the global investment migration industry today and what their future may hold.

The two-day event will also feature a number of networking events that give attendees valuable opportunities to discuss their businesses, projects, investments and build connections with global key players.

Those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to expand their knowledge and global business networks are encouraged to join us at this event.


  • High-net-worth individuals
  • International migration agents
  • Regional centers
  • Project developers
  • Immigration and securities attorneys
  • Broker-dealers and many other industry service providers

  • Connect and grow your business networks with EB-5 industry influencers
  • Gain knowledge from interactive educational panels
  • Showcase your business to a prominent gathering of EB-5 and global stakeholders
  • China is the world’s second biggest economy, with $18 billion GDP
  • China’s economy is forecasted to grow by 4.3 percent in 2023
  • China has the world’s second highest population of HNWIs and UHNWIs individuals, over 6.2 million and over 51,000, respectively
  • China is the world’s biggest EB-5 market, with 9000 visas issued in 2022

Disclaimer: EB5Investors.com events and conferences are open to the general public and may include persons resident in the U.S. or foreign countries who may be interested in EB-5 investment opportunities. Attendees, exhibitors and speakers at our events and conferences should consult with their own legal counsel regarding compliance with securities laws for any ongoing or planned securities offerings. EB5investors.com provides no legal advice concerning compliance with securities laws by attendees, exhibitors and speakers at its conferences and events.

  • Kyle Walker
    Green Card Fund, LLC
  • Trevor Anderson
    Homefed Corporation
  • Mark Lin
    Luby International Consulting Co.
  • Jonathan Bloch
  • Ky Boyle
    CMB Regional Centers
  • Siren Chen
    Globevisa Group Limited
  • Robert Cornish
    Law Offices of Robert Cornish
  • Andres Echevarria
    Vivanco & Vivanco
  • Chris Foulger
    HomeFed Corporation
  • Yoav Gueron
    Sous La Rose
  • Geoff Li
    American Lending Center
  • Wen Long
    David Hirson & Partners, LLP
  • Kelvin Ma
    Demei Law Firm
  • Reza Rahbaran
  • Edwin Shieh
    Shenzhen ADH Migration and Education Services Co., Ltd
  • David Van Vooren
    David Hirson & Partners LLP  
  • Pillar Wang
    Aucanlink International Group
  • Alvin Wong
    Manhattan Regional Center
  • Winner Xing
    Worldway Immigration Group
  • Oliver Yang
    Reid & Wise
  • Kyan Yap
    Malaysia Premium Visa Programme (MYPVIP)
  • Bentley Zhao
    New Empire Regional Center
  • Lily Zheng
    Bether Capital
  • Rachel Zou
    LianHong Overseas Consultants Limited