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Successful EB-5 & Global Expo held in Shenzhen, China

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Attendees of the EB-5 & Global Expo in Shenzhen on Nov. 29-30 networked with local migration agents and learned about the latest industry trends in a packed ballroom and exhibitor hall.

Through interactive panels, participants learned about the United States’ EB-5 program and other global investment immigration options. Topic discussions included the state of the EB-5 program, smart project strategies, global mobility options, and investment safety.

More than 25 sponsors filled the exhibitor hall, where global service professionals, agents, developers, and investors networked.  Lunch sponsors Community Wellness addressed the crowd mid-day, which was followed by a fireside chat with Ruby Sponsors Green Card Fund.

“As always, EB5Investors and Uglobal hosted a fantastic event in Shenzhen that brought together international and US EB-5 stakeholders for an engaging event with quality content and meetings that build lasting business partnerships,” said Kyle Walker, co-founder and managing partner of Green Card Fund, LLC. “The industry continues to evolve, and these events are on the front line of that development.”

Agents were the highlight of the Shenzhen expo

One panel highlight was the Agent VIP panel, where Ali Jahangiri, CEO of EB5Investors and Uglobal, discussed market and investor trends with five local Chinese agents.

The agents also provided important factors to consider when selecting potential EB-5 projects: project security, size, and location; the developer’s reputation; the business logic behind the project and its competitiveness; repayment amounts, job creation, and the reputation of the project’s attorney.

In addition, agents analyzed the state of the global migration industry and agreed that some changes in country policies could create challenges and the need to pivot in the industry, but ultimately, they encouraged investors and professionals to accept and adapt to these challenges.

“The COVID-19 lockdown had an impact on the migration industry, but the biggest impact is the changing policies of the different countries,” said Winner Xing of Worldway Immigration Group.

Pillar Wang of Aucanlink International Group agreed that the immigration policies have the biggest impact, but he had encouraging words for the future.

“We need to embrace the changes in the industry,” he said.

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