New Zealand Business Visas

New Zealand offers various immigration pathways for entrepreneurs who are interested in running their own business in the country.



Investors with business talents can apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa with a minimum of NZ$100,000 investment capital, an elaborative business plan, a clear recent business history, and at least 120 points in the New Zealand point-based immigration system. This kind of working visa grants a 12-month stay in the start-up stage of the business and another 24-month stay in the balance stage to establish the business. During this period investors can only work for the business named on the visa.



Entrepreneur Work Visa holders who successfully run the business for a minimum of two years are eligible to apply for the Entrepreneur Resident Visa, which enables them to continue operating their businesses, living, and studying in the country. With a provable commitment to living in New Zealand, applicants who have been holding an Entrepreneur Resident Visa for at least two years will be eligible to apply for permanent residency.



For ambitious businesspersons who want to start their business in New Zealand but fall short of the minimum investment capital required by the Entrepreneur Work Visa, the Global Impact Visa (GIV) could be a feasible path. To be eligible for the GIV, candidates must first apply for the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF). Candidates with creative potential and entrepreneurial spirits may be accepted by the EHF and given a Letter of Offer. Accepted applicants must also prove a maintenance funds of NZ$36,000 and meet health, character, and English language requirements. GIV holders are free to live in New Zealand and work in business ventures for three years. Upon completion, they must remain in the EHF and keep supporting the fellowship to be eligible for permanent residency. Up to 400 GIVs are issued over a four-year period.