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About Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group, LLC

Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group, LLC (CFIG) is an EB-5 Regional Center located in Chicago. CFIG received USCIS designation in March of 2009, becoming the first regional center in Chicago.

CFIG's designated geographic scope includes the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indian, Michigan, and Minnesota.

CFIG operates in the industries of accommodations and food services, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, entertainment, recreation, educational services, health care and social services, manufacturing, retail trade, transportation, and utilities.

The professionals at CIFG take the necessary steps to ensure that a foreign investor’s investment is as safe as possible. CFIG is directly involved in each project and remains involved throughout the entire investment period to ensure that the projects continue to meet the requirements of the EB-5 program, protecting the investor from potential problems. Following the project, each exit strategy that is developed prioritizes the return of the investor’s money.

Taher Kameli is the executive director of Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group. He has also been a founding partner with the Law Offices of Kameli & Associates, P.C for over 15 years. Kameli is a member of the bar of Washington, D.C., the state of New York, and the state of Illinois. He has developed a strong presence overseas with an office in Dubai and an extensive referral basis throughout the Middle East and around the world. Kameli specializes in immigration and corporate law and is a strong advocate for international business. He has worked with investments through the EB-5 program for many years and has successfully relocated many businesses internationally. Kameli has a weekly international show broadcasted in several countries in the Middle East region, during which he discusses the U.S. immigrant investment program.

Since it’s designation in 2009, CFIG has expanded to three different states in the Midwest, with approval for investment in nine different industries. Under Kameli’s direction, CFIG successfully organized and fully subscribed three projects in the health care industry in 2010, for a total commitment of $33 million to be used to create new jobs and businesses. In 2011, Taher Kameli and CFIG will continue to raise funds for six active projects in industries such as health care, manufacturing, and recreation.

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