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What if the UK goes through a period of deflation following Brexit in 2019 and I lose money on a bond investment I make for the Tier 1 Investor visa?

When I first started planning for business migration to the United Kingdom several years ago, I planned to invest the bulk of my funds in government bonds. I am not an experienced investor so putting my money in government bonds is the safe option. With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, I am less confident. How could this influence my family''s immigration?


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    Maria Patsalos

    UK Immigration Advisor
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    This depends on when you obtained your Investor visa, as the rules have changed. If you obtained your visa before the rules changed, then you will need to top up your investment should the amount drop below the minimum investment level. However, if you obtained your visa after the rule change then you do not need to top up your investment, as the government is trying to encourage riskier investments.

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