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Which family members can count as derivatives in the Cyprus citizenship-by-investment program?

I am interested in applying for second citizenship in Cyprus. How many of my family members would also receive citizenship? I would like to get citizenship for myself, my wife, our children and my parents.


Savvas Poyiadjis
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As per the Council of Minister decision dated 13/09/2016, under one application we can include the following: the main applicant/investor, the spouse of the main applicant, minor children of the main applicant, and adult children of the main applicant up to the age of 28 if they are financially or otherwise dependent. The parents of the main applicant are also able to apply, assuming they purchase an additional residential property worth at least EUR500,000 + VAT.

Yiannis Fanides
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Given that the applicant invests the minimum amount of €2,000,000 (plus VAT, if any) on Residential Properties, then the whole family (a couple plus their children up to the age of 28) can apply for a Cyprus Passport. The children between 18 to 28 years old must show that they are still students at any university. Based on the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Regulations, the parents of the main applicant can also apply for a Cyprus Passport if the investment amount increases by €500,000; namely, the total investment amount must be at least €2,500,000 (plus VAT, if any). Firstly, we apply for the main applicant and his spouse and as soon as we obtain the Cyprus Passports, we proceed accordingly with the passport application of the children and of the main applicant''s parents. The time period is 3 months to obtain the Passport Approval and 6 months in order to issue the Cyprus Passports (6 months start from the day the permanent residency card is obtained; together with the Passport Application, one can also lodge a permanent residency application based on which the applicants can give biometric measures in order to get a Permanent Residency card within 2-3 days; therefore, the sooner one obtains the biometrics, the better it is).

Marianna Pavlides
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It is possible to apply for the Cyprus Citizenship for yourself, your spouse, children, and parents. Required investment should be €2 million. Your Spouse and children get citizenship as dependents to the main applicant. Parents of the main applicant are also eligible to apply for the citizenship by investing an additional amount of €500,000. Also, any newborn children will also be able to get the citizenship from their parents.

Georgina Papapolydorou
Answered on

Eligible family members are the spouse of the main applicant, minor children below the age of 18 and dependent children between the ages of 18-28. Also, the parents of the main applicant are eligible to apply after the main applicant receives Cyprus citizenship. All of you are eligible to obtain Cyprus citizenship. However, parents of the main applicant need to invest in residential property of at least €500,000, which will be kept for a lifetime.

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