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How early should I initiate the liquidation process before starting my New Zealand Investor 1 visa application?

I have the required amount of assets for New Zealand Investor 1 visa category, but it is not in cash. What do you recommend when it comes to timing and process of liquidating my assets before filing my Investor 1 application? Is it an option to liquidate after the initial application?


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    Marcel Booiman

    New Zealand Immigration Adviser
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    After approval of the Investor 1 visa application, you have one year to invest your funds in New Zealand. After you have invested your funds, the visas will be issued and the 3-year investment period will start. So when to start the liquidation process is dependent on how long you expect that process will take. If that is less than a year, it is certainly an option and possibly even preferable to start the liquidation process after the application has been lodged & approved.

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