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What happens if my Cyprus residency application case ID number is not working?

I applied for permanent residency in Cyprus in November 2017 and soon after received my case ID number. I just checked my visa application status on the website and the case ID number shows up as “not recognized.” I am not sure what to think and am worried about the delay.


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    Yiannis Fanides

    Cyprus Law Firm
    Answered on

    I would like to inform you that even though the time period for obtaining the PR Approval is 2 months, there is a general delay in acquiring the PR Approval (3 months). In order to check the status of your application, you can use your file number.

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    Savvas Poyiadjis

    Cyprus Certified Public Accountant
    Answered on

    The easiest thing is to engage a local professional to check the status of your application. The online check might not be updated properly or there might be a miscommunication of file reference.