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What does “good faith” mean for EB-5 capital?

The RIA of 2022 permits the use of gifted or loaned funds by the EB-5 investor, provided the same was done in good faith and not to circumvent any limitations imposed on permissible sources of funds. How can an investor establish that these conditions are met when using irrevocable gifts from relatives and unsecured, short-term, interest-bearing loans from friends? Are gifts from close relatives and in small amounts good faith? Or when friends are willing to loan funds in return for an attractive return because they either liquidate some investments or pull funds from a business?


Bernard P Wolfsdorf

Bernard P Wolfsdorf

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It's not hard to figure out a good faith loan. Simply ask why would this person lend the money? If unsecured, then it automatically becomes suspicious. Loans from friends are also suspicious.

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