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What is the legal meaning of “acquisition of businesses or companies based in Cyprus?”

I am asking for the purpose of planning my Cypriot Citizenship by Investment application.


Marianna Pavlides
Answered on

In respect to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Scheme, an investor should invest at least the amount of €2 million by acquiring shares of a Cyprus Company. The Company should have at least 5 Cypriots and/or European full-time employees and provide a business plan confirming the investment for the period of 3 years within the Cyprus economy. Additionally, to this criterion, the investor should also invest in a residential property in Cyprus of at least €500,000.

Savvas Poyiadjis
Answered on

The meaning is that the investment needs to be made in the form of equity in the capital of a Cyprus company and used for its business. The company also needs to employ at least 5 Cyprus or EU nationals that have been residents of Cyprus for the last 5 years.

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