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If I am granted residence under New Zealand’s Investor 1 category, what conditions will be on my permit? QD: I am interested

I am interested in knowing what conditions might limit me after a successful application. Although I have not yet started the application, I am trying to think through all consequences.


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    Marcel Booiman

    New Zealand Immigration Adviser
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    The conditions placed on Investor 1 applicants after the start of the investment period are as follows: (1) Maintain your investment in New Zealand for a period of at least three years (in an acceptable investment (this does not have to be the original investment chosen at the start of the investment period). (2) Reside in New Zealand for 44 days per year in the final 2 years of the investment period. If at least 25% of your investment is placed in growth investments, you can spread these 88 days flexibly over the entire three-year investment period. Growth investments are essentially all acceptable investment except bonds and philanthropic investments.

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