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How can I bypass an IELTS test for Investor 2 category of Australia?

I do business in Australia often. My English skills are good but my wife and child are not fluent. We have thought about delaying our application for Investor 2 category by a year so they can study English intensively and get their scores up. I heard the points system takes into account items like human capital and business innovation, and I am wondering if good scores in those areas can help us make up for the low English IELTS scores.


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    Lisa De Leon

    Australia Registered Migration Agent
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    If you are referring to the 188-B investor visa, it is not mandatory that you have English language skills. There is a points test and applicants who can demonstrate vocational or proficient English will be awarded points to contribute to their overall score. The pass mark is 65. Vocational English (IELTS 5.0) is awarded 5 points, while proficient English (IELTS 7.0) is awarded 10 points. If you cannot demonstrate vocational English you will need to pay a second installment of the visa application charge, currently set at AUD 9795 (main applicant NO ENGLISH) and AUD 4890 (secondary applicant NO ENGLISH). It is possible to obtain the pass mark on the points test without sitting an IELTS test. Contact a registered migration agent if you would like an assessment of your situation regarding your points test score as this is a complex section of the migration regulations involving your experience, qualifications, assets and business turnover.