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How does Malta’s Global Residence Programme application work for a common-law couple?

We have three adult children and are looking to apply and establish residency in Malta. All of the information we have read thus far is for legally married couples. We are curious to learn if we will have to file completely separately as two single people or if there are any provisions for long-term couples.


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    Mark Attard

    Malta Individual Investor Programme Agent
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    Global residence permit holders enjoy a flat rate of personal income tax of 15%, chargeable only on a remittance basis. Foreign source income received in Malta is subject to Malta tax only if remitted to Malta while foreign capital gains are outside the scope of Maltese tax. Local source income is subject to tax at 35%. There is a minimum tax payable in advance on foreign source income which amounts to €15,000 per annum and includes all dependents residing with the beneficiary. Below are outlined some of the general requirements for the main applicant to be issued a certificate of residency are as follow: 1) The applicant must be at least 18 years of age; 2) The applicant must be a third-country national; 3) The applicant must be in possession of a valid travel document; 4) The applicant must be in possession of a health insurance policy; 5) The applicant must either purchase a property (for min €275,000 if in Malta, and €220,000 if in Gozo and south of Malta), or rent a property (for min €9,600 if in Malta, and 8,750 if in Gozo and south of Malta). Concerning your request in respect of the dependents to be included in the main applicant’s application, please note that he/she can include “spouse OR person with whom the main applicant is in a stable and durable relationship”.

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