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What factors affect EB-5 interview scheduling times for different investors through the same consulate?

I received the welcome letter and DQ with NVC last November. I am not from an EB-5 backlogged country. A friend a few months ahead of me in the process was scheduled his interview at the Hong Kong consulate within 2 months of receiving the welcome letter, while I am now approaching 7 months waiting. The response from NVC via the public inquiry form is essentially “keep waiting.” I do not understand why there is such a difference in waiting times compared to my friend, especially as the Hong Kong consulate is not one that typically has long wait times. Are there any actions I can take to address this issue?


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    Lynne Feldman

    Immigration Attorney
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    Interesting but the consulate may have newer staffing issues, increased workload. Hard to know but no reason you cannot inquire with NVC.