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What documentation do I need to show that I have at least five years business experience for the New Zealand Investor 1 application?

Since I am a young professional, how can I use several of my university internships and summer jobs to qualify in addition to my three years of full-time professional experience. The investment funds are a gift from my parents and I do not have the option to invest more than the 2 million New Zealand dollars required for the Investor 1 visa.


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    Marcel Booiman

    New Zealand Immigration Adviser
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    The minimum investment required for the Investor 1 Category is NZ$ 10 million. For this category, you do not need to show a certain amount of business experience. You must, however, be a fit and proper person, meaning that all businesses that you have or have had control over must have complied with all immigration, employment and taxation laws. The minimum investment required for the Investor 2 Category is NZ$3 million. A minimum of 3 years of recognized business experience is required for this category. For business experience to be recognized, business experience must meet the following requirements: (1)your business experience must include planning, organisation, control, senior change-management, direction-setting, and mentoring; (2)you must have acquired your business experience as an owner or senior manager of a lawful business enterprise that had 5 or more full-time employees, or an annual turn-over of NZ $1 million. The documents you provide with your application must show your roles & responsibilities (and the size of the company you have gained your experience in) and can for example include reference letters, annual returns, tax records, job description, performance review, etc.

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