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How does the Australian state or territory government nominate applicants for the Significant Investor Visa?

I have heard that I can select my desired state or territory in my Expression of Interest. I am even looking for a migration agent located in the territory I would like to move to. I am hoping to move to Melbourne. The whole nomination process makes me nervous, because there are parts of Australia that I would not want to live in, but which may be easier to get “nominated” to move to. I understand Melbourne is highly in demand by foreign investors.


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    Quentin Kuo

    Australia Registered Migration Agent
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    The State or Territory picks from Immigration computer system the desired applicants and invites them to make applications at the state level, then the immigration level. It seems you have not put in an expression of interest (EOI) as you may choose the state you wish to apply for. Using an agent that knows what they are doing is more important than the locality of the agent.

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